Please excuse the mess…

When house shopping, Marcus and I knew that we wanted a house with “historic charm.” We wanted an old house, with creaky wood floors, original built-in cabinets, a fireplace, and no open floor plans. Staying in Lakewood felt right, as the housing market offered us an abundance of choices, and it’s where we had come to call home.

Fast forward to post-purchase of that “charming, old Lakewood house” and, depending on the day, we might be willing to trade all that “charm” for electrical wiring¬†from this century or more closet space.

Although we might gripe and moan, we knew what we signed up for when we bought a house that needed work. We tackle projects we feel competent to manage (most of the time) and hire folks to handle projects we either don’t want to do or would burn the house down if we even attempted. It’s rewarding to see the fruits of our labor as well as knowing that this house is truly becoming OURS as we pour our blood (mostly Marcus’) and our love into this old Lakewood bungalow.